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The Zen Box
7th-Dec-2006 12:31 am


zenbox was created as an archive of Themes I've created for S2 styles. The community is closed, so you cannot join or post in it but everyone is encouraged to friend the community if you wish to be updated when I create a new theme.

Below is a disclaimer of sorts. Please read through them before asking any questions. Any questions that are adequately answered in this disclaimer, will be ignored and left without response.

  1. I offer Themes for S2. This consists of a CSS style sheet 100% Images about 90% of the time and a possible theme layer for paid users 10% of the time. I do not offer S1 account overrides.

  2. I offer "Themes" not "Templates". What is the difference? A Theme is a complete journal look that you can use without modifying the css file. A Template is a css file that people use as a guide to customize their own journal look.

    You are welcome to modify my themes but I do not offer support for them if you encounter an error or something goes wrong because of the modification.

  3. I create the themes using my paid account and a basic account. This means that I have not taken into account Plus accounts which have advertisements. You're welcome to use them on Plus accounts but realize that the theme might break and if it does, I do not offer solutions on how to make them work.

  4. I don't create themes with the nav strip in mind, for the most part, the layouts should work with the nav strip.

  5. On some styles, the custom comments page might be a bit off. This is especially true of layouts where the content is a fixed width. Livejournal gives you the ability to choose their default comment page. If you find the custom one not working, try using that instead.

  6. I make an attempt to make sure that the themes are cross browser compatible but I do not have all the resources to make this 100%. For the most part, I use Fire Fox and IE 6/7. Always use the most recent version of your browser.

  7. No requests, No custom layouts.

  8. While I will answer questions that deal specifically with my themes. I cannot give general layout help. Please use some of the layout help communities for those questions.

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