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The Zen Box
S2 Style Poll 
19th-Jan-2007 11:49 am
There are a few S2 styles that allow you many options in terms of CSS customization. I have my own personal favorite but I'd like to see what yours are. I know that this does not cover all the designs but the selection is the one I am more acquainted with.

Please post your reasons in this thread as well, it helps figure out what layout to use to make themes.

Poll #909866 Favorite S2 Style

Which is your favorite S2 style?

Flexible Squares
Smooth Sailing
Tranquility II
12th-Apr-2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
ah, fuckin lj's uneditable comments. let's try it again, so sorry!
Hey Doll,
I'm wandering around trying to find some customising tips, and ran into your journal, so I'll give you an answer or two;
I just created two skins, my own and impofperversity I chose the Bloggish template because there is a large templates resource and I'm barely cognisant in CSS. It seemed to have the most features for my needs.

However- I just realised that Smoothsailing has even more useful features, namely the freetext boxes along the side column. And it seems to me that, for community journals, those boxes would be of enormous use. What I'm having a problem with though, is this; Is it possible to put images behind the elements, a la the Impverse skin that I just labored so damn long over *rolls eyes* Any thoughts for me? thankees!
16th-Apr-2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Are you asking whether or not the elements can have a background image? If so, yes. Any class or id for a block element can have a background image. I also highly suggest the lj community s2smoothsailing for further details on the adaptability of that S2 style. :)
17th-Apr-2007 12:32 am (UTC)
wow, thank you so much! *big happy grin*
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